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Equil Patch Insulin Pump
Patch Insulin Pump
Tubeless Insulin Pump
—— An Innovative Approach To Continuous Insulin Delivery
    Only 23g, the entire pump is wearable
    No tubes or wires to worry about
    Intelligent insulin delivery
  • SAFE
    Multiple alarms and sensor system to ensure safety

The pump itself only weighs 23 grams.

About the size of a matchbox,the entire worn
device is 59.5×40mm.

Tubeless pump

Wireless Portable Diabetes Assistant ( PDA )

  • Patch
  • Traditional
3 Simple Steps
  • Step
    Fill the Reservoir and Assemble the Pump
  • Step
    Administer the Infusion set
  • Step
    Use the Settings Wizard to Initialize the Pump
  • Calculator
  • Temporary Basal Rate
  • Extended Boluses
  • Control
  • Accurate bolus and basal
    increments as small as 0.025U
  • Multiple alarm notifications:
    Audio, Visual, and Vibration
  • Infusion Alerts: Occlusion,
    Low Battery, Reservoir Empty
Patch Insulin Pump System Specs
Basal rate 0.025 - 35U/h(programmed in increments of 0.025U/h)
Basal programs 3 Basal Programs, each with 48 time segments
Maximum basal rate 0.1-35U/h, Default:1.5U/h
Base basal rate 0.025-35U/h, Default:0.5U/h
Temporary basal rate U/h or % of basal rate, last 3 basal rates remembered, Default is Off
Bolus size 0.025U-25U, 3 Presets
Bolus increment 0.025/0.05/0.1/0.5/1U, Default:0.1U
Max bolus size 1-25U(programmed in 1U increments)
Extended bolus Programmed in U or % of total bolus
Extend time:0.5-8 hours in increments of 0.5 h
Quick bolus On/Off
Quick bolus increment 0.1-2U